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Wedding Toast 101


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There are basically five (5) toasts and three (3) responses that are presented at the wedding reception. Some of these are “optional” and all toasting can be optional if you wish. Toasting is normally carried out during the “Coffee & Dessert” portion of the dinner.

1. Toast to the Bride

The first toast is ALWAYS to the Bride. This toast is usually delivered by a friend of the Bride or of the bride’s family. This should be someone who has witnessed the bride through her life and is able to comment on her growth from a child to a woman. Frequently this is an aunt or uncle for example.

2. Toast to the Groom

This toast is traditionally delivered by the Best Man. Frequently this toast ends up to be more of a “roast” than a toast but is one of the “more popular toasts of the evening just because of the stories about the Groom that this toast usually includes.

3. Toast to the Parents of the Bride

This toast is delivered by a member of the Bride’s family and is meant to “honor” the parents of the bride at this occasion. Frequently these days this toast is delivered by the Bride herself.

4. RESPONSE by the Parents of the Bride

This “response” is to the above toast and is the opportunity for the Parent(s) of the Bride to “welcome” everyone and give a little thank you speech. This is also where the parents “welcome” the Groom into the family.

5. Toast to the Parents of the Groom – Same as above.
6. RESPONSE by the Parents of the Groom – Same as above.
7. Toast to the Bride & Groom (as a couple)

Basically, the last toast of the celebration and is commonly presented by the Best Man and Maid of Honor together..

8. RESPONSE by Bride & Groom

This is the final speech of the evening traditionally. This is where the Bride & Groom thank everyone for attending, particularly those guests that traveled a great distance, thank their wedding attendants, and present their comments to their guests.

You can add a number of additional toasts if you wish. These could include toasts to Grandparents etc.

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