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Wedding Day Emergency Kits – Divine Details

The big day is fast approaching! With all the big planning, you might accidentally forget a few things. Be prepared for any wedding day emergency that might pop up by packing these essential items!


  • Hand Lotion
  • Kleenex – It’s going to be an emotion-packed day, have a few of these on hand!
  • Bobby Pins
  • Lip Balm, Lipstick or Lipgloss
  • Makeup Remover Wipes –  These are not only great for touching up makeup, but also for cleaning up spills or stains on clothes
  • Nail Polish – Be sure to have a bottle similar to the shade worn to fix any chips also a bottle of clear polish to fix runs in pantyhose.
  • Baby Powder – This works great for covering spills on your gown, dab with water then powder
  • Brush or Comb
  • Hairspray
  • Eyelash Glue – In case your false lashes start to come loose, it’s a good idea to have some extra glue on hand.
  • Nail File
  • Lint Brush or Roller – Great for the men in black tuxes!
  • Razor



  • Allergy Medication: Be sure you have the non-drowsy version on hand so that you don’t get sleepy!
  • Prescriptions
  • Advil or Tylenol
  • Breath Mints: There will be a lot of kissing, make sure you have minty breath all day!
  • Antacids
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Band-Aids
  • Eye Drops
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Feminine Hygiene Products



  • Water – Stay Hydrated!
  • Breath Mints
  • Gum
  • Protein Snacks – It’s going to be a busy day, having a stash of protein snacks will come in handy during long photo sessions so that nobody gets hungry!
  • Nuts & Chews
  • Candy



  • Phone Charger  & Phone – There will be lot’s of photo’s to be taken by everyone, it’s can’t hurt to have an extra charger on hand!
  • Directions to venue – Pretty important so that you don’t get lost on the big day!
  • Identification – Some venues will require ID to serve guests, be sure you and the wedding party have your identifications on hand if you’re planning on enjoying some beverages!
  • Cash & Cards
  • Anti-Slip Shoe Pads
  • Earring Backs

Source: Wedding Day Emergency Kits – Divine Details

32 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding totally You

Inexpensive ideas to “Wow” your guests with a personal, and Absolutely Unique Day

What most people don’t realize and the wedding industry conveniently keeps a secret. Is that you can have a day filled with personal, unique touches that really say something about you. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

The Wow Effect

“Wow” is that overwhelming moment of appreciation when you’re so moved that you can’t even express it. When your guests experience the Wow Effect at your wedding they won’t just be impressed… they’ll really get who you are and what makes you special. Your guests are wowed when your wedding is a totally unique expression of you. The key to the Wow Effect is engagement.

The “Wow Effect” happens in a group when you have people involved, connected and engaged in what’s going on. Guest become an important part of your wedding day, not just a spectator. When your guests are engaged and involved in the events of your wedding, they get active and interested. They have FUN…and so do you. The more you involve your guests, the more it works, the more unique and FUN your wedding becomes… without becoming cheesy or just like any other Wedding.

32 Ways to Wow Your Guests Listed below are many ways to WOW your guests and make your wedding totally you. Complete the list yourself by adding some of your own ideas!

1) List (Love) songs to sing during dinner for the bride & groom to kiss.

2) Serve a special home-made treat on your sweet table and include copies of the recipe.

3) Have a “Groom’s cake” dedicated to your husband’s hobby.

4) Photos of your parents and grandparents their wedding days.

5) Include pictures of your pets.

6) Decorate your sweet table with personal momentous, collectibles or another themed style.

7) Favours or decorations can be based around your hobbies, talents.

8) Use an unusual or meaningful flower for your centrepieces, share your story about them

9) Play a favourite TV, Sports or another show theme.

10) Do a funny dance you did when you were younger.

11) Have a cut out of cardboard of someone famous celebrity you love (ie: Elvis)…Or someone who couldn’t be at the wedding but is very important.

12) Performances by a musician, magician, vocalist or dancer.

13) Share your Love Story during the boring part of dinner while people are waiting.

14) Blank pages for them to write a memory about the bride or groom and turn it in.

15) Table tasks like a disposable camera scavenger hunt.

16) Playing trivia games about the bride & groom or The Newlywed Game.

17) Special Dances like a friendship Circle or include ethnic traditions like the Hora or a Dollar Dance.

18) Wear something beloved with your gowns like jewelry that belonged to someone special, or your spouse’s dog tags from the service and explains what it is to everyone.

19) Play and dedicate a song as an inside joke.

20) Have “Unique Individual Introductions” for the Wedding Party Introductions.

21) Name your tables according to something you love.

22) Have someone teach the newest dance on youtube or give a dance lesson.

23) Announce Birthdays or Anniversaries.

24) Write your own vows.

25) Record a song with your love sentiments recorded onto it for your first dance.

26) Make a donation to your favourite charity.

27) Treat your guests to your favourite food, wine or dessert and tell them

about it.

28) Ask your guests for their first dances and play or dedicate them.

29) Include your favourite team, animal, a hobby in your theme.

30) Have your guests write thoughts of the day for a “Time Capsule” to be opened at your 10th anniversary.

31) Have centrepieces made from unusual things, not candles or flowers – maybe collectibles or feathers or something that reflects your hobbies?

32) Demonstrate or Display your own talent or skill and invite other family members to display their own talents.

Share your own ideas with me. I will post them on a future blog.

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