Unforgettable video memories of a lifetime... Your Best Dance Party Ever!

The Best mix of Music Video Memories.

Beatbox has a huge collection of classic and current videos for the Best Music Video Dance Party ever. Ready to entertain you and your guest with a premier mix of music and video memories. We even have Music Videos dating back to the 1950’s.

Unforgettable Music Video Dance Party of a lifetime. 50’s, Rock and Roll, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul. Reggae, Top 40, Alternative, Ska, Jazz, Soft Rock, Techno, Urban, Adult Contemporary. Blues, Classic Rock, Dance, Country, House, EDM, Folk, Hip Hop, Rap, Swing. Unplugged, Moombah, New Wave, Oldies, 60’s, Motown, Northern Soul. Blue Grass, Caribbean, Salsa, Reggaeton, Easy Listening, Disco. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Drum Bass, Funk, Punk, Grunge, Synthpop, Trap, Acid. Latin, Afro-Cuban, Christian, Psychedelic, New Romantic, and Freestyle.

We’ve spent the past few years assembling a list of the most interesting, popular and downright coolest music videos of all time. Beatbox Playlist. Most people associate the best music videos with great memories of yesteryears trends and fashion. The entertainment factor will multiply when your guest experiences their favourite video from an era, genre or style of music of your choice.

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