It's your Big Day... Let's make Memories!

Making your Wedding memorable…

Today there are countless shows about dresses and shoes, cakes and chocolate fountains. The industry will have you believe that these things are critical when we all know that at the very heart of it all no one will even remember your shoes.

I used to get calls from brides who had paid $2,000 for a dress and $750 for a cake but expected to spend $500 on a DJ because that’s how much their cousins paid … in 1983.

its-your-wedding-partyA wedding reception is meant to be a moment of celebration between loved ones. If your DJ is energetic, knows his music and observes the crowd, he’ll have her aunt Myrna from Flin Flon doing the Cha Cha Slide with his uncle Surjeet from Bombay before the night is done. Can your cake do that?

No one wants to hear lengthy speeches about your childhood and days at summer camp, or watch a 15-minute slide show set to the music of Celine Dion. They want to party, and if you don’t think there’s a difference between a good DJ and a guy who’s there because he knows how to press “play,” then you might as well stock the bar with Shirley Temples and virgin daiquiris.

Magazines and wedding planners will tell you that food and decor are the most important elements of your affair, but then so will the guy that carves the fruit into animal shapes.

Some of the best weddings I’ve ever attended involved tight-knit groups of friends celebrating memories together, dancing to ’90s music without so much as a glance at the ice sculptures or gold-painted human statues.

Yes, it is your night, but it’s meant to be enjoyed with your loved ones, so feed them, keep them lubricated and hire a DJ, Entertainer that rocks.

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