Buck and Doe, Stag and Hen, Jack and Jill, whatever you call it... Let's make it a success

Ask about the $100 discount when you book your Wedding and Buck & Doe.

buck_and_doe-stagYou’ve said Yes! Set the date and booked the venue. Many engaged couples who find themselves in this situation opt to throw a Stag, Buck & Doe in an effort to raise some extra money for their wedding. Why not tap the experts at Beatbox DJ Entertainment and Event Services.

Here are a few suggestions:
  • Adding a theme can work wonders and entice friends to attend. An upcoming holiday such as Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day or Canada Day. Chances are your guests would already be planning to spend some money on celebrating.
  • Resist the urge to charge a lot for tickets. Do not make the entrance ticket price over $20, it’s a major turnoff.
  • A video dance party always seems to be a natural. Games and prizes winner announcements are made easy on the screen and your VJ host can keep the good times rolling with your best-loved music videos.
  • Be sure to keep yourself classy throughout the event by not drinking too much at the party. You’re the host make your guests feel that their contributions are deeply appreciated, having a good time and get home safe.
  • Be creative! Make the actual event memorable and unique. Planning a fun evening with a host who shares your plan, is actively engaging and leading the party.

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