Emma & Nicolas

September 16, 2016. Toronto

Emma & Nicolas

September 16, 2016. Toronto

Our Wedding Webpage. Emma and Nic were introduced by their good friends Deena and Andy.  Emma took Nic to the most romantic place in the city (so that Amy could get an idea of what was in store): a Blue Jays game.  After a day of some good Ontario fun, Emma and Nic made plans to meet for a nice a dinner the following week at what is now one of their favorite Italian restaurants, Rose Angelis.  And three years later, they are preparing to spend the rest of their lives together!

After six years of dating one another he popped the question.

Being the traditional-type, Nic wanted the engagement to be a surprise for Emma.  About a week before the night on which he planned to propose, he told Emma to prepare for a date night.  Emma thought that this was very sweet of Nic to plan a night out, and assumed that they would be going to a dinner and a show, or some other romantic evening in the city.

Nic picked Emma up, and they drove downtown to the historic Drake Hotel.  Nic kept the surprise going by telling Emma that they were meeting some of his friends there for drinks before going out (which Emma thought a completely feasible option).  The surprise was almost ruined when one of the doormen welcomed Nic back to the hotel, but luckily Emma didn’t really notice this exchange.

Nic led Emma up to a master suite and (not surprisingly) there was no one there. As Emma walked in the room, she saw a dozen beautiful red roses and a chilled bottle of Prosecco on the table near the window, overlooking beautiful Lake Ontario. And in the next moment, she saw Nic down on one knee, asking her to marry him. After a moment of shock she said “yes!” and the rest is history!

The Bride

Emma Huntington

The Bride

A native of Bradford but a city girl at heart, Emma moved to Toronto to pursue a career in advertising after graduating from the University of Guelph.  In the fall of 2008, Amy decided to leave the advertising industry and pursue a career in education.  After earning her Master of Arts in Teaching, Amy is now a fourth-grade teacher at a private school.  While her first year of teaching has certainly been challenging, she has never been happier!  Her new career in education allows her plenty of time to continue running, practice yoga and plan a wedding!

The Groom

Nicolas Robertson

The Groom

Nic “the Bull” Fricano grew up in Chatham, ON.  After dominating the basketball courts at CCI Nic decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Finance at MacMaster University.  Upon graduating, Nic moved to the city to pursue his true passion: the study and practice of law.  Nic still enjoys playing basketball; he is competitive when on a winning streak and plays “just for the exercise” when the game is not in his favour.

Thanks to Amanda Clark for taking these beautiful photos!

We are so thrilled to have our family and friends share in this special day with us! We’ve created this website to provide more information about our wedding day, as well as about our wonderful journey together that brought us to this moment.

Wedding Prep

Wedding Prep



Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot



Table decoration

Table decoration

The Ring

The Ring

Stag & Doe

Stag & Doe

The Limo

The Limo

Our Wedding Party

We are so thrilled to have our siblings and close friends with us on this special day!

Emma's Attendants

Dana Cooper Maid Of Honor

Whitney Friedrich Bridesmaid

April Gedney Bridesmaid

Nic's Attendants

Mario Fricano Best Man

Andy Rossi Groomsman

Nick Orsi Groomsman

The “Big Day” Itinerary

09:00 am
Beauty Time – Hair & Makeup

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10:00 am
Church Wedding Ceremony

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13:00 pm
Group Photo Shoot

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16:00 pm

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17:00 pm

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19:00 pm
Grand Entrance

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Our Event Map

Eat, Drink & Be Married

Table #1

Audet Ava Boucher
Anabel Simard
Patel Adam
Levesque Alicia
Patel Caron
Anthony Lessard
Alexis Richard

Table #2

Alexandra Deschenes
Aubrey Leduc
Addison Gilber
Alyssa Raymond
Audrey Lambert Pate
B Bharatbhai Patel
Morin Bhumika Larouche
Brooklyn Levesque

Table #3

Savard Blake
Lambert Patel
C Cheerag
Lambert Patel
Camille Patel
Gagnon Clara
Gagne Caleb

Table #4

Hebert Patel
D Dilipbhai Patel
Tremblay Deepakbhai
Martel Dipika
Boivin Patel
Daniel Cote Patel
Dylan Bouchard
David Patel Proulx

Table #5

Lambert E Emma
Bergeron Emily
Leblanc Patel
Ethan Boucher
Eva Pelletier
Elliot Ouelle
Emile Gagne
Evan Proulx

Table #6

Cyr Eve Villeneuve
Evelyn Raymond
Eli Raymond
Etienne Vachon
G Gabriel Boucher
Gabrielle Cloutier
Grace Caron
H Harshil Simard Patel

Table #7

Harshaben Patel
Dubois Hemesh
Allard Giroux
Hritesh Patel
Leduc Hannah
Cloutier Hailey
Cote Patel Hunter
Hebert Patel

Table #8

Hudson Villeneuve
Gagnon Clara
Gagne Caleb
Richard Claire
Hebert Patel
D Dilipbhai Patel
Tremblay Deepakbhai
Martel Dipika

Gifts Ideas

Please be aware that gifts are not necessary. Your presence is all that is required.

1. Hand-deliver a cheque

We know plane tickets are expensive and your presence at the wedding is enough! If you really want to give us something, a contribution to our honeymoon fund would be awesome.

2. Gift Registry

If you want to know more about our Gift Registry. Follow this link.

Guest Book

Please leave a message or question for the soon-to-be bride and groom.

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